Monday, November 2, 2009


To our family and friends:

Thank you to you all! Everyone who was in the wedding we were so glad to have you be apart of that day with us. EVERYONE who made that day happen, the showers, finding a place to live and getting us through the months (and years) before the big day. It took so much time, planning, money, support, prayer and HARD WORK! We are so appreciative and blessed by all of the people who made it all happen. We had THE BEST time that day and always say how we wish that we could do it again :) We know thats because of all the wonderful people that we have in our life. We just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone for being there for the two of us. We are so so so grateful to be blessed with so much support around us all the time.

We wanted to be able to share with everyone some pictures and updates from our life since our wedding...enjoy!

The Honeymoon.

We were so grateful to both take two weeks off of work and daily responsibility to enjoy a vacation! We stayed in San Diego for a few days at a cute bed and breakfast called the Britt Scripps Inn. It was so wonderful exploring our own city and not having to worry about any time restrictions or work ...or really anything. Here are some pictures from some of our adventures..

we had to stop and take pictures once we left the park that day. the sky was too beautiful...we got lots of honks ;)

first breakfast as husband and wife. I loved it.
seaport village

Bike riding on Coronado Island.
they left wine and cheese out for the guests. pretty classy if ya ask me.

of course we had to stop by disneyland. the castle is behind can sort of see it.

...after our week of enjoying home, it was time for our trip. I had no idea where we were going. The day before we left, I started to feel sick. The day we were supposed to leave, I was definitely sick. But that didnt stop us. We had to rent a wheelchair to get me to the terminal and all the passerby-ers were afraid that I had the swine flu or something...
Philip surprised me with a trip to New Orleans! I was really excited when he told me (just unable to express it). We got there that night and the next day went to urgent care.
its alright, 'twas only strep and i lived to tell about it. dr gave me three shots and i was fine the next day :)

the place we stayed at was right outside the french quarter and a nice walk to the river. there was so much to see and do in new orleans!
charming and full of character.
every business, doorknob, house, mailbox, radio station, and sidewalk was beautiful and ornate.
the cemeteries were incredible.
ain't that the truth.