Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so i decided to actually start blogging here. i can update my facebook status with only so many characters. i will eventually be blogging my crafts and updates on our life. but for now, i wanted to share something completely random..
I rented some movies that I used to watch when i was little. One of them was Mac and Me. Until I watched this scene, I completely forgot it was in the movie. (How that was possible, i don't know.)
Heres a little background for ya if you havent seen the whole movie. Basically, these kids are at a birthday party at a McDonalds. They are trying to hide an alien so they put him in a teddy bear costume. The gov agents, who want the alien, follow them to this party and start chasing them...but not before a totally awesome dance scene...and i dont understand the football player/dance extras they threw in the scene ;) enjoy!