Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i finally picked out a name for my etsy [the Dainty Woods] AND listed some items for sale! listing everything takes way longer than i expected. not only do you have to come up with a description [which takes me forever- i'm so picky], but you have to go through four other steps before one item is finalized. it's totally worth it though. i had a stranger add one of my items as a favorite! i was very excited when i saw that :)

if you haven't already, check it out. and take a friend with you.

photos just because

I've been getting a little better at taking more pictures. Here are some random ones from the past month or so...

this is georgia bailey adams. she's perfect and she belongs to a dear friend of mine that i grew up with. so amazing!


these are from ali and chad's beautiful wedding.

jake and nat...look at her cute little belly. that's my nephew jack.

yep, that's my brother trying to eat his baby.

the newlyweds.

danielle, nat, and myself.
cute cake!


these are from a walk we took.

we always walk past this restaurant:

i've recently learned a little bit about case di baffi. it was opened in the 60's and was a very famous restaurant [apparently the best pork chops in town...yum]. it closed in '85 and the owner [pernicano] won't give it up. it has too much sentimental value to him. he won't re-open it, saying that you can't replace a chef like that. his chef is now retired. and he won't sell it because he has so many memories there. so many people in the community want to see it go, but i think it's cute. they've been trying to get him to sell it for years but he won't. it's a 25,000 sq ft property including the basement and parking lot [parking's pretty hard to come by in these parts]. i think they should turn it into a little museum of the restaurants history. it seems like a nice compromise for everyone. it could be apart of the community once again, for everyone to enjoy. he could enjoy his memories and share them with everyone else....like i said, i think it's cute. but i thought it was even cuter when i noticed the handles on the front door!

yep, that's a mustache. i'm pretty sure it belong to this guy:


i took these of francine that night. she likes to sleep on us when were crafting. she usually likes to sit on your lap in the middle of whatever your doing [she loves when the laptop is out] or she sits on top of all of your materials. [notice her back paw pulled up next to her face. so silly]

Monday, May 24, 2010

new tasty music for your ears and some sweet progress for me

we had a lovely day yetserday. we started it off with going to church with a friend we had not seen in a long time. then the three of us headed downtown for breakfast at the broken yolk cafe. it was good.
later, philip and i headed up to north county for a graduation party and a birthday party. i honestly wasn't looking forward to these two things as much as one would think. i love everyone who would be at both gatherings. however, in the past six months or so, i've started getting EXTREME anxiety before going to gatherings with large groups of people. it's not as bad when i know everyone. but when i only know half the crowd or only a handful, it's definitely much worse. it's something that i'm working on, but it's caused me to opt out of a few occasions that i regret missing.

our first stop was a graduation party where my anxiety was getting the best of me. i knew two people for sure [the graduate and her brother]. other than that, it was her family and close friends. i was very excited to celebrate her and wish her luck on her move to med school, but i couldn't really think past all the strangers that would all turn and stare at me when we entered the house.
we finally got there and the only stares to greet us as we walked in were those of small children and their one chaperoning adult...ok, not too bad. we wandered a little further into the house to find everyone gathered in the living room as an audience. their attention was captive to the band performing [yes, no one even noticed us come in! ...relief] we found two friends to sit with in the back of the room [not the two friends mentioned before, this is good]. we all watched a very intimate and very sweet performance by the WONDERFUL Dan Mangan.
the graduate, leah, has an awesome brother! he got one of her favorite bands to come to her graduation gathering!! how rad is that?!
they gave an incredible performance! it was him on guitar and his bass player [upright bass, that is] in the living room of their home. it was such a fun performance where the listeners were forced to participate [in a fun sing-a-long kind of way]. if i ever get to see them perform again- i would be sooooo happy! and john definitely got major big brother points for that one!

our next stop was a double birthday party [papa and son]. by that time anxiety was gone and i had a great time catching up with people that i haven't had a chance to see in a while. it was a lovely day. also, i'm glad that i gave my anxiety a little slap in the face by actually going where it didn't want me to.

and now that you've gotten this far, you should go here and start with the song robots. its worth it. do it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


i've been telling people that my baby fever is gone. this is because everyone else in my family is pregnant. no joke- i have 3 pregnant sisters right now. instead, i have puppy fever like no other!!!! i want a puppy sooooooooooo bad! all of my customers at starbucks bring their puppies to our patio. most of them are pugs, french bulldogs, and boston terriers. those are my favorite!!!!! it's horrible that those are the most frequent because it's making this worse for me. also, our neighbor just got a 4 month old french bulldog. his name is hugo and he's so precious! he's always so excited to see us when we get home. i love him.
my sister is coming home from germany while her husband is being deployed to afghanistan. she says that she wants to get a puppy when she gets home! i hope she does. this will mean that i get a baby niece/ nephew AND a puppy niece/ nephew. aren't i the luckiest aunt ever?! here are some pictures of golden retrievers to persuade her decision [over a rottwieler]...i love rotties, but i hope she gets one of these instead

and in case my husband reads this post, i wouldn't mind a puppy that looked like one of these...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i am a sucker for any dessert, guest, banquet, or gift table that's decorated with pretty, colorful, or rustic things [extra points if there's yummy desserts in the mix]. i dream of one day making a table as beautiful as these...my little sister is pregnant, so i'm hoping that her baby shower will be my big break ;)

PS... if anyone would like to share a pancake breakfast and a little devotional/fellowship time at a table like the last picture- let me know! i'm in!!!

you can find more pretty tables and other fun party ideas here.