Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Babies.

Christmas eve with my family was so much fun! The number one reason I keep telling everyone: there were so many babies! At least it felt like it. My family hasn't had all the wee ones together before now. [My sister just had her baby, so maybe that's why] ;) It was so much fun and [a little overwhelming.] First, I was playing with Curtis who is just standing up by himself and can crawl like you wouldn't believe. Then I was holding Jack who can't even sit up by himself. Then all of a sudden, I was holding Mary Jane, our littlest newborn. Once I had picked up Patrick, I started bouncing him and patting his back to burp him. It was so confusing! haha!
Curtis was very excited about Jack and Jack was very excited about Patrick :)

My grandma holding her first great grand daughter.

Mary Jane in her cute Christmas beanie. [Jack has one to match]

My mom with her "grand puppy".

This was Jack trying to fight the sleepy eyes.

Curtis loved the camera :)

My grandma, sister and Aunt Tammy with Jack and Mary Jane.
These are just a few pictures from Christmas Eve with my family. I'm hoping to get some from our Christmas dinner with Philip's family soon. We didn't take any pictures because our camera lens broke on the way into the house that day. bummer.

Hope you had a fun new years eve! I am hoping to post my accomplished goals from 2010 and my new goals for 2011 later tonight. We'll see how I feel after work :)

Hand-Me-Downs...from the cat

Yep! I bought this for Francine last year. It was meant to be worn by a small dog, so her arms didn't fit too well. Basically, when I put it on her, she'd try to walk and end up crawling. It was kind of sad, but really funny ;)
I couldn't find the darn thing for Christmas this year. Philip found it this morning and took this for me.
I just got home from work so I'm going to eat some lunch, then I'll be back later with those Christmas pictures. Do you have any new years eve plans?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Wore/ Meet Patrick!

This is Patrick!!! He was my early Christmas present and I LOVE him sooo much!!! Remember when I was asking for some help on getting breeder info for boston terriers? Well, little did I know that my amazing husband was working on those details himself :)
One day when I came home, this little guy was waiting for me! It was the best surprise ever!
I wanted to do a "what i wore" post and remembered that I hadn't shared about Patrick yet. So this is both :)
I also got a little shopping money for Christmas. Yesterday, I was going stir crazy from being inside for so long, so I went shopping at Buffalo Exchange. It's my favorite place to do my shopping and it's where most of this outfit came from.
top- silence+noise (a brand sold at Urban Outfitters. I bought it at Buffalo Exchange for $8)
leggings- Forever21
boots- 2nd hand from Flashbacks
coat- 2nd hand at Buffalo Exchange ($22!)
hairpiece- handmade by me
necklace- a handmade gift from my friend for being in her wedding earlier this month :)

Philip and I both had the day off today, which was amazing. It was very brisk here in San Diego. I got to wear my new coat all day. We both have been sick the past few days so it was nice to be outside. We finally tried influx for coffee this morning. It was so great. I REALLY liked my cappuccino. Apparently, they have the best cupcakes in San Diego, but we didn't want any cupcakes for breakfast.
Later, we walked to 5th (that's the main street that goes through Hillcrest where you can find everything). We grabbed some more coffee and did some birthday shopping for my sister-in-law. Her birthday is tomorrow ♥
Hope you are enjoying your new years weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from Christmas.

Etsy love.

Here's a few things from some Etsy sellers that have caught my eye.

This pipe corner shelf would match the garment rack that we're creating.

This fox cushion would would be a sweet addition to our couch.

A handmade bike necklace? Yes, please.

This airstream pint glass is just too cute.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Giveaway for you ♥

Sorry I've been so quiet this month. So many wonderful things have happened that I can't wait to share. It's been so crazy with Christmas that I've been very behind on blogging. I'll share soon :)
In the mean time, head on over to Leigh-Ann's blog! I'm participating in a giveaway. You could win this necklace.

What's better than a free necklace? I'll tell you: 11 other gifts too. The winner will receive all 12 prizes! You have to go to Freckled Nest to enter.

Friday, December 10, 2010


So, remember TALLWORKS? OF course you do, I told you all about it here. Well, they were on notcot this morning! How sweet?! In case you don't know about notcot, you should visit. There's always something interesting to discover. I liked the bend desk from yesterday.

Congrats to Danielle and her team for well...being so awesome :) Their first project is done and they're working on a new one. (One project every month) You should go here and vote for which design you like best.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Most of my favorite blogs are visually stimulating. If they post a lot of pretty, inspiring, or intriguing pictures, I'll keep visiting. Here's a few that always seem to get me:

Things Organized Neatly posts pictures of collections or like objects. When I was younger, I used to collect all of my green belongings (my favorite color back then, so there was a lot), arrange them ever so neatly, and snap away.

What Katie Ate will make you drool. She posts the most beautiful photos of her recipes. I'm always very impressed. Everything looks absolutely delicious!

Amy Borrell is a designer + illustrator who posts All The Mountains. You can always find someone/ something new here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giveaway Winner

I foud Australian artist, Nikki Catalano, via decor8. I LOVE these prints! Her work is so happy and youthful. If I had kids, her art would be covering the walls. However, I don't think I'll have a problem finding space for her work in our kid-free home.

I realized that I forgot to announce the giveaway winner! whoops. This month's crazy. I feel like I'm going to be forgetting a lot of things in these next few weeks.

Well, the winner is...

Congratulations, Georgia! Maybe I can hand deliver your wreath ;)
If you haven't, head on over to Modern Crush's blog. It's a lovely place to visit.

Thank you for entering this giveaway. I had so much fun reading through everyone's holiday traditions!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas photos

Need family photos for this holiday season? You should really hire a professional. We all know you're not that great with the camera. Why not hire someone who takes pictures like this?
Nathan is super talented (obviously) and so much fun to work with! Seriously. I know this from personal experience. We've been on tons of photo adventures with him and his lovely fiance over the past yr or so. He's great! He's in San Diego AND he's offering a special on holiday photos:

$125 will get you:
-a 2 hr session
-a disc of edited photos (about 45)

Do it.

Need more convincing? Well that's silly, but I guess you could check out his blog.

    Happy December 1st!

    It's December! YAY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!!! Our house is feeling more festive everyday and there are so many fun things to craft/ bake!

    Philip and I are getting ready to send some of our products to Make Good which is an awesome store in south park. It's a lovely shop that houses collections of different local artists. How great is that?! South Park is having their Walkabout this weekend. That means that today, I'm busy finishing up a few things to send into the store by tomorrow.
    I rented a couple of movies to keep me company for the day. I've been listening to Christmas music non stop. One of my favorite Christmas CDs is The Hotel Cafe's "Winter Songs". Also, all of Sufjan's Christmas albums are a favorite in this house :) What are your favorits Christmas albums?

    Well, I need to finish up all my little creations in time for tomorrow.
    But I wanted to let you know to check this out! My friend and his buddy came up with the best idea! They're posting a new Christmas song everyday until Christmas! Yeah, he's pretty cool like that :) Thanks, Sean and John for spreading the Christmas cheer!