Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my new addiction.

Yep. I've discovered's amazing. A little too amazing. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to waste a lot of time doing this. It feels rewarding because the end results are pretty. At least it feels more rewarding than stalking around on Facebook. We all do it- don't judge me ;)

So I've been dreaming up a photo shoot for all of my crafty projects. I have so many ideas for a website, photos, themes, etc. I'm constantly writing/ drawing things in my inspiration notebook. I'm excited for it to all to come together one day. Anyway, here's a basic idea of what I have in mind for a photo shoot.

I want it to have lots of different textures: old woods, weathered metals, soft chinelles, and nature's lovelies. It's going to be painted with soft grays, pretty pinks, and antique shades of bright colors.

This definitely is last on the list behind:
come up with a name.
open up the etsy shop.
make business cards.

Until then, I'll just make sure to keep my inspirational journal handy.


Since we've moved into our new house, my interest in decorating keeps climbing! We just finished our downstairs wall this weekend. It's been painted and had a few different things mounted on it. We both LOVE how it turned out! My current project is a chair and table/lamp that I purchased at a trip to Amvets. They're going to make a little sitting/ reading nook in a sunny corner of our bedroom. I purchased them both with intention of painting and fixing them up. I started with the chair, which is being painted a golden mustard yellow. Next is finding a fabric to cover the cushion- I can't wait to do this!!! Then I will be purchasing a throw pillow to go on top. I have future goals of learning to sew and having this be one of my first projects, but until then, I will find a cute one. So far, this is my favorite.

I found this lovely pillow here.

I will be posting before and after pictures of these projects once they're done. I just need to finish first ;)

you should listen to She & Him's new album 'Volume Two' at NPR. It makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As promised.

Here are some pictures of my crafts. These are mostly wedding related, but I have other things in the works. All of these things can be made custom to fit into your colors/theme of your special day.

I am currently taking Indie Biz 2.0 to help me in my goal of opening an Etsy Shop/ starting my own little indie business. So, if you see something of interest and have any questions [like prices], you can contact me via e-mail.

Hope you like :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

yesterday was a good day. it was a productive day. philip and i spent it organizing the house and moving furniture. and although thats what i was supposed to do all week, i spent it resting instead. and because i married an amazing man, he was glad that i did.

yesterday, he spent a lot of time fixing our sun room, which is going to be our craft room. its basically an enclosed patio, not a completely functional room. this is where i will be spending a lot of time creating and thinking and enjoying the sun. and because i finally signed up for my indie business class, he wanted to give me a workspace. he's the best.

later in the evening, we decided it was time for dinner. well, my empty stomach did. a hungry chelsea is a bad night for philip. he has learned to get me food asap and i have learned to better communicate when i have an empty tummy. so we walked downtown and found a great italian restaurant. and when i say great, i mean INCREDIBLE! i had walked by it with my sister the other day and made a mental note about it. it was the best italian food ive ever had! its called arrivederci and will be eating there as much as we can! then the night got even better [i know, doesn't sound possible]. we went to pappalecco for gelato and ice cream. i ordered straccetella which ive never enjoyed outside of my trips to czech and romania. it was delicious! i could not believe that i found a place that made it, made it well, and was walking distance from my house!

yesterday was a good day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

shout out to us

our first friday night living in hillcrest. we figured we should check out all the sweet restaurants and everything else this night life city has to offer.
so we walked.
lots of music.
people. food.

we walked past a huge restaurant on the other side of the street and someone yelled out

"ahhh, look. straight people"

very memorable if ya ask me.

a special wish on a special day

Happy Birthday, Diane!!!!! You are THE greatest best friend that anyone could ask for! I am sooooooooo grateful for your friendship and love you very much! I love all our memories together that make us laugh so hard that we snort...well one of us, at least. Thank you for being YOU :)

Here are some pretty balloons just for you.

If you were done with school, we could finally go to The Czech Republic together

And I would buy you something cute and orange [of course]

we would drink coffe [kava] and tea [chai] outside of a cute cafe

and there we will stay until we are old

and by then, I will have one of these.

One day this will happen. Until then, I just wanted to say that




Thursday, March 4, 2010

wittow bunnie wabbits

I'm spending the day with my sister and I'm so excited! Just a quick post... I want a bunny!!!! I decided last night. Philip said that we can talk about it when summertime comes a long. I want to name him Mr. ShnuggleWhiskers. And He will give me a kiss on my nose with his nose and he will be the CUTEST little bunny! He and Francine will be best friends. Maybe He'll even look like one of these little guys

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a day of rest

I'm excited to eventually post some pictures of my hair pieces and wedding decor, but until the house gets put together, that's last on my list...that's actually one of my rewards to myself. Once I get a good amount of the house set up, I can take a trip to Anthropologie(I've been craving one for a bout three weeks now), spend my birthday money, buy that book I want to read, and start working on those crafts I've been dreaming up in my head! Ahh...until then, I will just have to keep myself inspired.

Monday was our first day in our new house. Philip stayed home from work and we slept in. We both felt like a semi had run us over. We did nothing all day. It was fantastic! I tried to unpack things on numerous occasions and was quickly reprimanded:)The goal of that day was to relax. We took lots of longs walks through our new neighborhood. I actually woke up requesting such an adventure. We bought REAL food from Trader Joe's on our way home from one of our walks. After a week of fast food, my body's screaming for a detox and nothing but healthy food!

That night, after we made dinner, we walked down to Babycakes for that cupcake that i had been craving all day. Then we walked to the theater and enjoyed the film: An Education

I now want to do nothing but wear dresses with pretty floral prints, cute heels, gorgeous coats, and delicate earrings! The costume design, set design, and everything about it was just to die for! The story was pretty good too :) It had a good build up with the whole story. However, if I had come in just to see the last 20 minutes or so I would have thought it was a pretty cheesy movie. The ending was great, but the way that they laid it out for the audience wasn't as great as the rest of the film.

Anyway, back to the eye candy. The house that she lived was just amazing! Their kitchen had me drooling. And then.....she went to Miss Stubbs house! I nearly fainted. Philip had to shush me so many times during that scene. I wanted that whole set. It was just amazing! I definitely wasn't paying attention to the movie at that point.

I cant find any pictures of the sets, but here are some lovely outfits.

Monday, March 1, 2010


me: can we get cupcakes today?!

husband: sure.

me: we can walk to Babycakes!

husband: you're my cupcake.

haha...he likes telling me cheesy little things like this. i think he's joking, but they always make me smile :)