Wednesday, August 31, 2011

etsy love.

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I love these prints from Lucius Art on Etsy. Anyone that quotes "Dayman" is ok in my book.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

his and hers.

I noticed the difference in our work stations the other day. Mine is all flowers and feathers, his is all power tools and electrical stuff. I thought it was funny :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

yeah, it's hot.

I took these pictures of Patrick being cute yesterday. He loves the sunlit stairs in the morning. Today, however, we are all trying to stay away from the sun and out of the heat. It's almost 90 degrees in San Diego. We're pretty spoiled when it comes to the weather, so we're all complaining about it big time (at least it's not humid!). Philip was very strategic about which blinds to shut, which windows to open and where to put our only floor fan. It's now much cooler in here. He is very handy to have around ;)

We're watching more 30 Rock, staying awake with iced coffee, and working on more orders. Did you get to do anything fun this weekend?

Friday, August 26, 2011

bits + pieces

1. I wore a big velvet bow today.
2. Best start to my morning.
3. Bird watching.
4. Inside plants.
5. Outside plants.
6. I need to dust.
7. We have custom orders everywhere.
8. Candles for outside dining.
9. Investigating.
10. Blooming.
11. Pooped out pup.

Miss James from Bluebird Vintage did a Bits + Pieces post today. I loved it and wanted to join in on the fun.

I hope you're enjoying your Friday. Philip and I both have custom orders to finish tonight. We're going to take a quick bike ride and then lock ourselves inside to watch 30 Rock and work work work.

PS. Have you check out the shops lately? I have a few new pieces in mine and Philip will have some more book lamps made soon! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

popsicles with the pups.

Beca and Charlie treated Patrick and I to some Viva Pops after our lunch with Ainsley. It was funny to watch the dogs eat popsicles (definitely something I've never done before). Patrick devoured his right away. Charlie rejected his and went straight for Beca's. Ha!

Are you still there?

This is one of my new favorite desserts. It's the trilogy chocolate cake from work. Delicious!!!

It's been so crazy this week. The house is out of control with messes, I'm behind on orders (thank you if you're patiently waiting!), there are too many house projects we are always trying to tackle, my inbox is out of control, and there have been many trips to north county. I'm a little overwhelmed right now. That's why I haven't been the best about blogging lately. Sorry for the absence. I'll be back soon, I promise :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

weekends together

Philip and I made the decision a while back to spend more weekends together. There was a while there (about 3 months) when we were driving up to north county every single weekend. As much as we were enjoying seeing our family and friends all the time, we weren't getting much time together at home. The decision to spend more time at home has been great!

On Sunday we took Patrick on a walk before heading home to work all night. We both had orders to finish and desserts to eat. (I got to bring a bunch of desserts home from work this weekend.) I've really been enjoying these weekends together.

custom order// shop updatae

I made this custom order this week for a bride. It is the same hairpiece that I made a while back. Do you remember Kristen's Bridal Hairpiece? This was the same, but this bride wanted 3 mini ones. I really loved how they turned out so I decided to list some in the shop.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Evening Walks

Evening walks are one of my favorite family outings. That's all for now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

coming soon.

Today is my day off from the cafe. I am working on orders like a crazy person! Just wanted to say hello + to show you something that I've been thinking up for a while now. This one isn't even finished, I was really excited to share it. I'll post more (and better) pictures when it's in the shop.

A couple of random things from last week/ this week:

Jake and I performed at Corner Cafe this past Friday. We had lots of fun and had so many great people there to listen and support us. It was amazing! (Our little Mary Jane was in the audience and watching her smile at Jake and I took away a lot of my stage fright. ♥ her)

I was introduced to this fantastic company and their products this week. I signed up and can't wait to place my first order!

I called my grandma and asked her to teach me how to make some of her famous recipes (that's good for you guys, because you know I'll be posting them) :)

I hadn't seen my little nephew in a while and when I saw him on Friday, I immediately spotted four little teeth! Too cute.

I am getting super anxious and want to start our dining room make over asap! We are planing on making our own table and this will be very helpful.

Hope you are enjoying your week so far!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

city fest.

City Fest was today. We walked around, did some shopping, had a drink, and ate some yummy food. Of course I took some pictures...

Did you and your friends wear sofee shorts in high school? My friends and I had a pair in every color but always rolled the tops down to make them shorter. I bought some the other day to exercise in and realized that they're actually kind of cute. The best part- they're only $6.99! So sweet :)