Sunday, August 28, 2011

yeah, it's hot.

I took these pictures of Patrick being cute yesterday. He loves the sunlit stairs in the morning. Today, however, we are all trying to stay away from the sun and out of the heat. It's almost 90 degrees in San Diego. We're pretty spoiled when it comes to the weather, so we're all complaining about it big time (at least it's not humid!). Philip was very strategic about which blinds to shut, which windows to open and where to put our only floor fan. It's now much cooler in here. He is very handy to have around ;)

We're watching more 30 Rock, staying awake with iced coffee, and working on more orders. Did you get to do anything fun this weekend?


  1. He's such a cute pup! Hopefully everything will cool down for you soon...! My weekend was filled with packing, drawing, & lots of iced coffee. :)

  2. he is so completely adorable. Here in Texas it's been over 100 degrees for a month straight! I would take 90 something any day!

  3. I know, we have been crankin the ac, although I know we are going to regret it when the bill shows up! This weekend.... we bbqd ribs, went to a local brewery opening, went to another brewery and had shrimp and beer, and... took a nap :) That was fun.