Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: We meet again

Well, that last week was crazy! How about for you guys? It was a good crazy though. We saw our family A LOT (which is always great), we had way too much food, faced the black friday crowds, watched HGTV's handmade special for Philip's lamps (!!!!), got our Christmas tree, did a lot of cleaning, and some major Christmas decorating! It was a great week, but that's why I haven't been around much lately. Remember I mentioned a giveaway? Well, I'm giving away this Christmas wreath! :)
Please forgive the bad picture. If I waited to take the pictures, upload and edit them, then this giveaway might not happen ;) That green and white object between the pinecones is a little bird.
Leave your name in a comment with your favorite Christmas tradition. (Can't believe December is almost here!!!! ) I will announce the winner this next Monday. Hope you enjoy today! It's cold here. Well, as cold as Southern California is going to be at the end of November. We still have sunshine :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for discounts!

I don't think I've posted many wedding photos of us. Here's one of my favorites just for fun.

I hope you all are enjoying your thanksgiving today. I just ate SO much AMAZING FOOD! Yum:)

I promised a Black Friday coupon, so here it is! Everything in my store is 15% off :) The sale starts tonight at midnight and ends this Monday at midnight. You have to enter this code at checkout to get the 15% discount: STUFFED

I'm way behind this week in everything and were trying to get our house in order. We are in the middle of getting rid of furniture and redecorating/ finishing our move in from 9 months ago :) I'll try to post the giveaway tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning.

I'm at the office with my husband. It sbring your wife to work day. :) Actually, I'm just helping out with a little something. It was fun getting coffee together and going to work together.
Later today, I'll be posting coupons for my shop shop that can be used for this week. I hope all of you are geting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! So many great deals for your Christmas budget! :) Also, I think a little giveaway may or may not be posted depends on what I get done today. So I don't even know ;) Enjoy your morning, lovelies!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can't stay away!

I'm trying to stay away from the computer today and so far am doing a horrible job at it! I have cleaning to do before I head off to work for the evening. I have a busy weekend full of cleaning, creating, organizing, baking, shopping, etc. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope you are enjoying this busy holiday week. I know I am even though it's already crazy! :)
Look at this cute cupcake liner. I found it on pinterest. What a fun idea for woodland inspired wedding, don't you think?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Need a little help, please.

I have been bugging Philip about getting a dog since we were dating. There's a possibility that we MAY get one soon (I beg everyday). We considered a few breeds that we thought we wanted- french bulldogs being one of them, mostly because we love this little guy. I am always reading about dogs. Before bed, when I wake up, while we're driving. Our conversation during those times goes like this:

As I have been quiet and obviously into what I'm reading, Philip asks: "Whatchya doin, babe?" Me: Researching
Philip: Researching what?
Me: Dogs
Philip: *rolls his eyes*

He usually has this response because I spend WAY too much time reading, begging and trying to get the point across that I want a dog. I have to! What if he forgets? :)
We decided that we want a Boston Terrier and he told me to do my research on breeders, trainers, etc. That's where I'm stuck. I don't know where to start, well, mostly who to trust. Everyone's going to say that they're the best right? So, I was wondering, if anyone's in the San Diego (or SoCal) area, do you know of any good breeders? Trainers? Anyone who has Boston Terrier that I could ask? Any help would be great! Please leave comments if you do, or shoot me an email:

Thank you!

The answer is yes.

When I hear ready-to-wear collection, I hear it as a question: "Ready to wear collection?" If Gilles Mendell was asking me this, I would reply, "Of course I am!"...The same answer would be given to most other designers as well.

We end one week and begin another.

I finally finished my Christmas display tonight. Yes, to clarify, it IS a display. Like you might see in a store window. It's in our built-in entertainment center which, to me, seems to be the focal point of the living room. We don't have a TV in it, so this idea seemed PERFECT. The rest of the Christmas decorating will happen slowly over the next week or so after we get our tree. I am excited to share pictures of my little cubby of magic, but it will have to wait until another time that isn't as late as the current time. It's WAYYYY past our bedtime!

I did want to let you know that Mallory was the winner of the giveaway on Bow Ties and Bliss. Yay for Mallory! :) I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered! It was very nice to read all of your lovely comments. And for those of you who are new to my little blog, welcome :)

Speaking of giveaway, I will be having my very first giveaway here on Walk With Me, Darling! Make sure you stop by through out the week to find out when.

Well, hope you all have a restful evening and wonderful dreams. Maybe I'll dream up something new to work on tonight. I hope you do too. ♥

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm so excited to have a guest here on Walk With Me, Darling. I am so proud of my friend, Danielle. She is creative, ambitious, and an incredible designer. Her new business, TALLWORKS, is proof of that.

Danielle wanted to have a studio that designs "for a purpose. By working with clients based on their needs and budget, TALLWORKS has the ability to give clients the quality and attention they deserve without the hassle of expanding their company or worrying about large corporate invoices."

So, she came up with the project "12". TALLWORKScollective will be focusing on one project every month that fits into their current theme. Their theme for this year is "justice". Right now they are teamed up with SAG (no, not the screen actors guild.. Students Against Genocide). SAG has been selling tshirts to raise support and awareness for whats going on in Duran.

Danielle's studio is designing their new tshirt that will be sold to raise money for Burma related organizations. How sweet is that?! :)

She was kind enough to share her vision behind TALLWORKSwith us.

You can like what you do, or you can LOVE what you do. There should always be a passion that drives you and helps you thrive. For me it was about using my ability to design to help impact the world to see something new. I never wanted to be the designer that was a sell-out, took the easy route or was satisfied with just throwing something together. It was all about breaking down the concept and making it flourish. I hit a point in my career where I wanted something more. I didn't want to get stuck branding AMP Energy logos on bikini tops for the rest of my life; I wanted to start creating designs that made a difference. I wanted to start creating work that influenced people to look at the world in a positive way. While keeping things afloat financially is important, I wanted to see if there was a way to do that while doing something I loved and I knew people could benefit from.

I decided to start TALLWORKS for two reasons: to pick and choose the projects I work on and to contribute to organizations and causes that needed creative services. Like I said, it's important to stay financially afloat, but I felt like TALLWORKS was the opportunity to work specifically with clients that had as much passion for their brand/product/idea as I did for design. These were the kinds of clients that I wanted to work with. I wanted to be able to create work that was original and tailored specifically for each client/cause. Then a thought kicked in... "If I'm already designing work that I love and am getting paid for, why not offer my design services to groups that need professional creative to help promote their cause but don't have the funds to create it?" So project "12" was born.

Since then it's been kind of a whirl wind of connecting with old clients, pitching to new ones and alerting organizations of my design services. My life is now design 24/7. But, as tiring as this sounds, I can honestly say that I love what I'm doing and I can't wait to see where TALLWORKS takes me. It's just the beginning.

If you're interested in Danielle's services or know of an organization that could use some good design, check her out, TALLWORKS has a lot to offer.

Grow to the next level: &

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


images found {here} and {here}

These lovely photos are inspiring a lot of my Christmas decor this year. There's more that I'll try and share throughout the week.

busy little bee

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I have been trying to stay productive at home this week. Our home has needed some attention AND I've been decorating for Christmas! Yep :) I am SOOOOO exited!!! Im basically creating a window display in our empty built-in entertainment center. I'm still waiting for a couple of pieces but I am SO HAPPY with how it's turning out so far!
Today, I'm working on hair pieces and things for the shop. While I'm working, I'm listening to some music but I CAN'T STOP listening to Lissie! I just love her live recordings! (I think they're better than her studio recordings for sure) I would love to see her live one day. You should take a listen...check out her bass player. He's singing, playing bass guitar, a hight-hat, and a bass drum. dang.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's Go Away.

Let's Go Away.
Let's Go Away. by thedaintywoods featuring a crochet shawl

I have been dreaming non stop about going away somewhere. I'm always looking up plane tickets and rambling on about a new place I want to visit with Philip. If we went somewhere, this is what we would do...
-get reacquainted with our polaroid camera,
-take tons of pictures
-wear something pretty (well, I would)
-try out cute coffee shops
-explore new streets
-have "dream talks" and sketching time on said streets
-listen to good music
-eat whatever food this place is famous for


November by thedaintywoods featuring a cotton tank

LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Dainty Woods is giving away three hair pieces and a bridal hair piece! Check out Bow Ties and Bliss's to win! They have a lovely site that features beautiful weddings and great inspiration! Check out their site and enter to win these pieces!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

My sister's baby showers were lots of work, but so much fun! It was fun making it all come together. My sister looked beautiful and got so many wonderful gifts! We had way too many sweets, lots of Alice in Wonderland decorations, yummy food, great family and friends who shared that weekend with us. Just wanted to share some pictures with you.

These cute and DELICIOUS macaroons were a suggestion from Georgia. She had them made for a baby shower that she threw for a friend. She was right about how great they were! I ordered chocolate with salted caramel filling, rose with buttercream filling, and red velvet with cream cheese filling. Drooling yet? If you are a San Diego local and want to order some, let me know. I'll get you in contact with the lovely gal who makes them.

Isn't she just the cutest little preggo mama? She got so many cute gifts!

These were the pooped attendees/ helpers. Notice the new parents taking their opportunity to nap while someone else has their little guy;)

My best friend traveled by herself all the way from Santa Barbra to be there! She's awesome :)
Little Mary Jane is going to be here soon and so is her daddy! (He's overseas right now) I'm so excited for Christmas so that we can all see him, meet Mary Jane and take cute pictures of my niece and nephew together! It's going to be a fun holiday season for us this year!!! :)