Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's Go Away.

Let's Go Away.
Let's Go Away. by thedaintywoods featuring a crochet shawl

I have been dreaming non stop about going away somewhere. I'm always looking up plane tickets and rambling on about a new place I want to visit with Philip. If we went somewhere, this is what we would do...
-get reacquainted with our polaroid camera,
-take tons of pictures
-wear something pretty (well, I would)
-try out cute coffee shops
-explore new streets
-have "dream talks" and sketching time on said streets
-listen to good music
-eat whatever food this place is famous for


  1. Oh Lordy take me with you.
    That sounds magical. You should try Croatia. It's beautiful and there are tons of little coffee places :)
    In Zadar, Croatia, they have a sea organ that was built into the water and it plays when the waves and wind blow through it. Magical.

  2. i know just the place...