Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning.

I'm at the office with my husband. It sbring your wife to work day. :) Actually, I'm just helping out with a little something. It was fun getting coffee together and going to work together.
Later today, I'll be posting coupons for my shop shop that can be used for this week. I hope all of you are geting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! So many great deals for your Christmas budget! :) Also, I think a little giveaway may or may not be posted depends on what I get done today. So I don't even know ;) Enjoy your morning, lovelies!


  1. I love gettin coffee with the husband.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Bring Your Wife to Work Day... I like the sound of that. Chris and I work for the same company, while we don't see each other at work each day, we do get to ride in together on occasion. And of course we see each other at all the company functions. Fun stuff!