Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shop Update

I updated the shop with some cute new products. Here are some of my favorites...

See it all here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dream Home

My dream house has brick walls, cement and wood floors, and old windows. I love the dark industrial look as the base of these homes. You can add so many pretty contrasting things that look amazing- soft colors, light curtains, etc.

[images found here there and also here]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wood Pallet Inspiration

I have seen many many projects lately involving wood pallets. Right now anthropologie has them displayed quite creatively. We want to use some of those ideas for a wall in our bedroom. Here are some other wonderful pieces made from wooden pallets.

All of these before and afters found at design*sponge

I absolutely love this idea!!! I would LOVE a dining room table like this!!

Such a sweet coffee table


I'm a huge DIY fan. My husband and I love taking old things and giving them a second chance or recreating something we love at a more affordable price. Here are some great DIY projects that i'd love to complete.

This pretty and functional shelf edging from design*sponge

These spool hooks are definitely making their way to my wall hopefully in the next week or so.

Philip and I have been planning on replacing our dresser (which we never use) with a rustic looking garment rack. We won't be painting ours though. We like the look of the galvanized pipe and the wood. I'm also going to make a piece for the end if our bed made of the same materials (instead of buying a bench or trunk)

Cute cupcake stands! I'm hoping that this little project will get finished tonight. Today, I bought my stands and I've had some plates just waiting for me to get round to doing this.

Home inspiration

I have so many home projects going at once. Sometimes it's fun to forget them and look at other homes for awhile. Then comes the issue of more ideas coming from inspiring photos as these.

All images found via apartment therapy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thank you urban outfitters and society6 for this collection of prints
from artists all over the world. Find your favorites here

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Lately, I've been skipping blog posts about photography. It takes a lot for a picture to wow me. I feel like a lot of photographers have the same style. That's ok because everyone wants the same "vintage style" pictures. One click in photo shop and - you've got it!
So when I found Max's photography I was very pleased. His work is just pure magic! He was recently married and their oh-so-cute wedding was featured on OnceWed (it took 5 posts!), 100LayerCake, TheFlashDance and Our Labor of Love. Margaux looked stunning and their video of the ceremony is something you should definitely watch. You should check out Mark's blog for more of his work.