Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm a huge DIY fan. My husband and I love taking old things and giving them a second chance or recreating something we love at a more affordable price. Here are some great DIY projects that i'd love to complete.

This pretty and functional shelf edging from design*sponge

These spool hooks are definitely making their way to my wall hopefully in the next week or so.

Philip and I have been planning on replacing our dresser (which we never use) with a rustic looking garment rack. We won't be painting ours though. We like the look of the galvanized pipe and the wood. I'm also going to make a piece for the end if our bed made of the same materials (instead of buying a bench or trunk)

Cute cupcake stands! I'm hoping that this little project will get finished tonight. Today, I bought my stands and I've had some plates just waiting for me to get round to doing this.

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  1. Love the spool hooks! I'm stealing that one. :-)