Saturday, February 27, 2010

I just had to post this picture of Francine really quick. I found it yesterday. Isn't she cute? :)

rain, rain go away

Normally, I love the rain! Today, not so much. We still are packing up the apartment to move and we're both sick. Philip was throwing up all morning and had to go to work because he was helping give a presentation. I'm at the apartment and I need to keep packing but I'm feeling horrible. That's what happens when everyone at work is sick and you all share the same headsets...yep, pretty gross. I knew I would eventually get it...My body is telling me to just lay in bed and go to sleep, but our messy apartment has convinced me otherwise. Going back and forth between the apartment and the car with heavy boxes in the rain was not on my things-i-cant-wait-to-do list.
At least I have this lovely film to keep me company until the hubby returns. (And Francine of course) A little bit of happy for my not so happy day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lets go far away to the humming meadow

i just finished work and sped home to get into my bed. i am so tired and my stomach wishes i would make it some food. when i really thought about it today, i realized that we picked a pretty bad week to move. the company that philip works for is putting on a big conference this week and its happening over the next 4 days. thats the biggest reason that its a bad week to move. that means i am home to pack and clean as
much as i can on my own.

i so badly just want to escape, make something pretty, and listen to some good music.

...i wish i could take my crafting boxes to someplace like this

and Summer could come too

we would wear something pretty

and have a yummy picnic

this sounds like a lovely escape from packing. would you like to come?

images found at WeHeartIt and OceansInk Photography

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

to the spider that was in my yarn basket:

you deserved to die.


i have started a list of books that i am so excited to read. this is a big deal for me bc i am not a huge reader. i wish that i was, but i get distracted way to easily. i honestly couldn't even tell you the last time that i finished a book...maybe high school but even then, spark notes was a dear friend of mine :)
anyway, these books have to do with my current interests of fine tuning my crafting skills/ starting my own little business. therefor, i can't wait to start reading them! also bc we are going to have a few inspiring/charming little reading nooks in our new house. the sunroom will have one, our bedroom, and our front patio. i can't wait!

Applique Your Way
by Kayte Terry

The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line by Kari Chapin

The Savvy Crafters Guide To Success: Turn Your Crafts Into A Career
by Sandy McCall

ok, so i know there's only three and that hardly makes a list. but if it were any bigger, i wouldnt read them. if i learned anything from bob whiley, it was this: baby steps... baby steps: un-tie your knots.

new roof over our heads...and a man on a roof

philip played a show at the casbah last night with the oh-so-talented band Longstay. since it's so close to our new house, we decided to stay there last night for the first time. it was so nice that he didnt have to wake up so early and that i could go get us coffee without getting up at 6.
our trip to the grocery store was also a fun first experience. as we walked to our drive way to get into the car, i noticed a helicopter overhead with a spotlight. i made some comment about it and philip said, "well, we're used to that. it's just like home" high school i was often directed, by the voice in the helicopter, to stay in my home as they were looking for someone extremely dangerous. this was fine by me- i had a legitimate reason to be late for school bc i walked :) ...anyway, we proceeded to the grocery store and when we got out of the car, the helicopter was circling a building in that same parking lot and saying "to the gentlman on the roof: please come down from the building and talk with the officers on the street." just as we came out of the store, he was running down the fire escape only to be greeted by the team of officers down below. way to be san diego sherrifs. thank you for keeping us safe on our first night in our new home.