Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lets go far away to the humming meadow

i just finished work and sped home to get into my bed. i am so tired and my stomach wishes i would make it some food. when i really thought about it today, i realized that we picked a pretty bad week to move. the company that philip works for is putting on a big conference this week and its happening over the next 4 days. thats the biggest reason that its a bad week to move. that means i am home to pack and clean as
much as i can on my own.

i so badly just want to escape, make something pretty, and listen to some good music.

...i wish i could take my crafting boxes to someplace like this

and Summer could come too

we would wear something pretty

and have a yummy picnic

this sounds like a lovely escape from packing. would you like to come?

images found at WeHeartIt and OceansInk Photography


  1. YES! I want to come :) Please please please? I want to escape (said like Dori in Finding Nemo..)

  2. Kinda looks like a bad laundry day when all your clothes get stuck in trees.