Saturday, February 27, 2010

rain, rain go away

Normally, I love the rain! Today, not so much. We still are packing up the apartment to move and we're both sick. Philip was throwing up all morning and had to go to work because he was helping give a presentation. I'm at the apartment and I need to keep packing but I'm feeling horrible. That's what happens when everyone at work is sick and you all share the same headsets...yep, pretty gross. I knew I would eventually get it...My body is telling me to just lay in bed and go to sleep, but our messy apartment has convinced me otherwise. Going back and forth between the apartment and the car with heavy boxes in the rain was not on my things-i-cant-wait-to-do list.
At least I have this lovely film to keep me company until the hubby returns. (And Francine of course) A little bit of happy for my not so happy day.

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