Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new roof over our heads...and a man on a roof

philip played a show at the casbah last night with the oh-so-talented band Longstay. since it's so close to our new house, we decided to stay there last night for the first time. it was so nice that he didnt have to wake up so early and that i could go get us coffee without getting up at 6.
our trip to the grocery store was also a fun first experience. as we walked to our drive way to get into the car, i noticed a helicopter overhead with a spotlight. i made some comment about it and philip said, "well, we're used to that. it's just like home" ..in high school i was often directed, by the voice in the helicopter, to stay in my home as they were looking for someone extremely dangerous. this was fine by me- i had a legitimate reason to be late for school bc i walked :) ...anyway, we proceeded to the grocery store and when we got out of the car, the helicopter was circling a building in that same parking lot and saying "to the gentlman on the roof: please come down from the building and talk with the officers on the street." just as we came out of the store, he was running down the fire escape only to be greeted by the team of officers down below. way to be san diego sherrifs. thank you for keeping us safe on our first night in our new home.

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