Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a day of rest

I'm excited to eventually post some pictures of my hair pieces and wedding decor, but until the house gets put together, that's last on my list...that's actually one of my rewards to myself. Once I get a good amount of the house set up, I can take a trip to Anthropologie(I've been craving one for a bout three weeks now), spend my birthday money, buy that book I want to read, and start working on those crafts I've been dreaming up in my head! Ahh...until then, I will just have to keep myself inspired.

Monday was our first day in our new house. Philip stayed home from work and we slept in. We both felt like a semi had run us over. We did nothing all day. It was fantastic! I tried to unpack things on numerous occasions and was quickly reprimanded:)The goal of that day was to relax. We took lots of longs walks through our new neighborhood. I actually woke up requesting such an adventure. We bought REAL food from Trader Joe's on our way home from one of our walks. After a week of fast food, my body's screaming for a detox and nothing but healthy food!

That night, after we made dinner, we walked down to Babycakes for that cupcake that i had been craving all day. Then we walked to the theater and enjoyed the film: An Education

I now want to do nothing but wear dresses with pretty floral prints, cute heels, gorgeous coats, and delicate earrings! The costume design, set design, and everything about it was just to die for! The story was pretty good too :) It had a good build up with the whole story. However, if I had come in just to see the last 20 minutes or so I would have thought it was a pretty cheesy movie. The ending was great, but the way that they laid it out for the audience wasn't as great as the rest of the film.

Anyway, back to the eye candy. The house that she lived was just amazing! Their kitchen had me drooling. And then.....she went to Miss Stubbs house! I nearly fainted. Philip had to shush me so many times during that scene. I wanted that whole set. It was just amazing! I definitely wasn't paying attention to the movie at that point.

I cant find any pictures of the sets, but here are some lovely outfits.

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