Monday, March 8, 2010

yesterday was a good day. it was a productive day. philip and i spent it organizing the house and moving furniture. and although thats what i was supposed to do all week, i spent it resting instead. and because i married an amazing man, he was glad that i did.

yesterday, he spent a lot of time fixing our sun room, which is going to be our craft room. its basically an enclosed patio, not a completely functional room. this is where i will be spending a lot of time creating and thinking and enjoying the sun. and because i finally signed up for my indie business class, he wanted to give me a workspace. he's the best.

later in the evening, we decided it was time for dinner. well, my empty stomach did. a hungry chelsea is a bad night for philip. he has learned to get me food asap and i have learned to better communicate when i have an empty tummy. so we walked downtown and found a great italian restaurant. and when i say great, i mean INCREDIBLE! i had walked by it with my sister the other day and made a mental note about it. it was the best italian food ive ever had! its called arrivederci and will be eating there as much as we can! then the night got even better [i know, doesn't sound possible]. we went to pappalecco for gelato and ice cream. i ordered straccetella which ive never enjoyed outside of my trips to czech and romania. it was delicious! i could not believe that i found a place that made it, made it well, and was walking distance from my house!

yesterday was a good day.