Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my new addiction.

Yep. I've discovered's amazing. A little too amazing. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to waste a lot of time doing this. It feels rewarding because the end results are pretty. At least it feels more rewarding than stalking around on Facebook. We all do it- don't judge me ;)

So I've been dreaming up a photo shoot for all of my crafty projects. I have so many ideas for a website, photos, themes, etc. I'm constantly writing/ drawing things in my inspiration notebook. I'm excited for it to all to come together one day. Anyway, here's a basic idea of what I have in mind for a photo shoot.

I want it to have lots of different textures: old woods, weathered metals, soft chinelles, and nature's lovelies. It's going to be painted with soft grays, pretty pinks, and antique shades of bright colors.

This definitely is last on the list behind:
come up with a name.
open up the etsy shop.
make business cards.

Until then, I'll just make sure to keep my inspirational journal handy.

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  1. Hi Chels! Coby's sister Georgia here. Deanna just messaged me your blog link, I had vaguely heard you had one - and here it is! Love your mock up - yes, etsy is fun! And so is polyvore! Hope life is fun in Hillcrest, give Phil a monster hug for me:) xo