Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Babies.

Christmas eve with my family was so much fun! The number one reason I keep telling everyone: there were so many babies! At least it felt like it. My family hasn't had all the wee ones together before now. [My sister just had her baby, so maybe that's why] ;) It was so much fun and [a little overwhelming.] First, I was playing with Curtis who is just standing up by himself and can crawl like you wouldn't believe. Then I was holding Jack who can't even sit up by himself. Then all of a sudden, I was holding Mary Jane, our littlest newborn. Once I had picked up Patrick, I started bouncing him and patting his back to burp him. It was so confusing! haha!
Curtis was very excited about Jack and Jack was very excited about Patrick :)

My grandma holding her first great grand daughter.

Mary Jane in her cute Christmas beanie. [Jack has one to match]

My mom with her "grand puppy".

This was Jack trying to fight the sleepy eyes.

Curtis loved the camera :)

My grandma, sister and Aunt Tammy with Jack and Mary Jane.
These are just a few pictures from Christmas Eve with my family. I'm hoping to get some from our Christmas dinner with Philip's family soon. We didn't take any pictures because our camera lens broke on the way into the house that day. bummer.

Hope you had a fun new years eve! I am hoping to post my accomplished goals from 2010 and my new goals for 2011 later tonight. We'll see how I feel after work :)


  1. happy new year! I'm a new reader and just wanted to say hello :)

  2. ohh my heck! i love everything about this post! great pictures friend, i just love your family!