Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Wore/ Meet Patrick!

This is Patrick!!! He was my early Christmas present and I LOVE him sooo much!!! Remember when I was asking for some help on getting breeder info for boston terriers? Well, little did I know that my amazing husband was working on those details himself :)
One day when I came home, this little guy was waiting for me! It was the best surprise ever!
I wanted to do a "what i wore" post and remembered that I hadn't shared about Patrick yet. So this is both :)
I also got a little shopping money for Christmas. Yesterday, I was going stir crazy from being inside for so long, so I went shopping at Buffalo Exchange. It's my favorite place to do my shopping and it's where most of this outfit came from.
top- silence+noise (a brand sold at Urban Outfitters. I bought it at Buffalo Exchange for $8)
leggings- Forever21
boots- 2nd hand from Flashbacks
coat- 2nd hand at Buffalo Exchange ($22!)
hairpiece- handmade by me
necklace- a handmade gift from my friend for being in her wedding earlier this month :)

Philip and I both had the day off today, which was amazing. It was very brisk here in San Diego. I got to wear my new coat all day. We both have been sick the past few days so it was nice to be outside. We finally tried influx for coffee this morning. It was so great. I REALLY liked my cappuccino. Apparently, they have the best cupcakes in San Diego, but we didn't want any cupcakes for breakfast.
Later, we walked to 5th (that's the main street that goes through Hillcrest where you can find everything). We grabbed some more coffee and did some birthday shopping for my sister-in-law. Her birthday is tomorrow ♥
Hope you are enjoying your new years weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from Christmas.


  1. oh my heck, these pictures are the cutest. i love patrick! please make him stop growing!!

  2. i want him to stop growing so bad1 He's so darn cute when he's this size! :)

  3. wow!! Patrick is so so cute!!! I think he's a rare one in those colors, he's totally adorable!! I love human names for dogs, so cute!! Great outfit too, you guys have a super stylish Fam :)
    xo, Happy New Years!
    ps. Feel free to email me if you want some Boston specific training tips :) The best thing I can say, they're a VERY smart dog and training works well when they're young w/ continuous practice... they love to be taught and challenged and either way, they kinda turn into "King" of the house, so it's nice to have a well behaved king ;) Also, they're really farty. Unavoidable but it kinda becomes hilarious ;)

  4. Hello! (I met you briefly when Phil shot Daniel and Candace's wedding)
    First of all, that dog is too darn cute!
    And second, I love your sweet blog and etsy stuff! You've got such great style! Keep up the good work! <3