Tuesday, May 25, 2010

photos just because

I've been getting a little better at taking more pictures. Here are some random ones from the past month or so...

this is georgia bailey adams. she's perfect and she belongs to a dear friend of mine that i grew up with. so amazing!


these are from ali and chad's beautiful wedding.

jake and nat...look at her cute little belly. that's my nephew jack.

yep, that's my brother trying to eat his baby.

the newlyweds.

danielle, nat, and myself.
cute cake!


these are from a walk we took.

we always walk past this restaurant:

i've recently learned a little bit about case di baffi. it was opened in the 60's and was a very famous restaurant [apparently the best pork chops in town...yum]. it closed in '85 and the owner [pernicano] won't give it up. it has too much sentimental value to him. he won't re-open it, saying that you can't replace a chef like that. his chef is now retired. and he won't sell it because he has so many memories there. so many people in the community want to see it go, but i think it's cute. they've been trying to get him to sell it for years but he won't. it's a 25,000 sq ft property including the basement and parking lot [parking's pretty hard to come by in these parts]. i think they should turn it into a little museum of the restaurants history. it seems like a nice compromise for everyone. it could be apart of the community once again, for everyone to enjoy. he could enjoy his memories and share them with everyone else....like i said, i think it's cute. but i thought it was even cuter when i noticed the handles on the front door!

yep, that's a mustache. i'm pretty sure it belong to this guy:


i took these of francine that night. she likes to sleep on us when were crafting. she usually likes to sit on your lap in the middle of whatever your doing [she loves when the laptop is out] or she sits on top of all of your materials. [notice her back paw pulled up next to her face. so silly]

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