Saturday, May 22, 2010


i've been telling people that my baby fever is gone. this is because everyone else in my family is pregnant. no joke- i have 3 pregnant sisters right now. instead, i have puppy fever like no other!!!! i want a puppy sooooooooooo bad! all of my customers at starbucks bring their puppies to our patio. most of them are pugs, french bulldogs, and boston terriers. those are my favorite!!!!! it's horrible that those are the most frequent because it's making this worse for me. also, our neighbor just got a 4 month old french bulldog. his name is hugo and he's so precious! he's always so excited to see us when we get home. i love him.
my sister is coming home from germany while her husband is being deployed to afghanistan. she says that she wants to get a puppy when she gets home! i hope she does. this will mean that i get a baby niece/ nephew AND a puppy niece/ nephew. aren't i the luckiest aunt ever?! here are some pictures of golden retrievers to persuade her decision [over a rottwieler]...i love rotties, but i hope she gets one of these instead

and in case my husband reads this post, i wouldn't mind a puppy that looked like one of these...


  1. I WANT A PUPPY TOO!!! Everyone always brings their puppies to school at this time of huskies with the bluest eyes ever (PRECIOUS) and the cutest little miniature puppies that i don't know what kind they are, but I almost became a puppy snatcher!

  2. haha! i condone puppy snatching ;)

  3. Alli said when we get a house i can get a boston! they are the best

  4. They are way too cute!!

    But...puppies are Sometimes it's overwhelming having our little guy. And he's two.

    I love Frenchies! I used to dog-sit for three of them:)