Sunday, July 4, 2010

They've done it again

Oh, Anthro. They just can't seem to disappoint me. In fact, they can only impress me more and more. I keep finding more projects or stores that they've opened and they're all fantastic [of course].

Well, here's another: Terrain

It's a garden and lifestyle shop that focuses on garden decor/accessories, landscaping services, home decor, and plants. So if you've ever gone into an Anthropologie and wanted more garden then you're in luck! You can shop with them online or visit their store in Glenn Mills, PA.

AND ...[yes, there's more] they have an incredibly cute outdoor cafe!!! It's a restored antique greenhouse + a garden terrace.

If you're ever throwing a party in the Glenn Mills area, they rent it out after 5:oopm. I wouldn't mind flying out there just to have a party on their garden terrace. If only we could convince the Mr. that it's a great idea....

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