Wednesday, October 24, 2012

all in the details // on a wednesday

1. A box of autumn
2. Textures
3. Some words to think about
4. Curious pup
5. Little bar accessories
6. Our new favorite corner + chair

Hey, remember me? I know, there's been way to much time between my last post and this one. Life has been busy, as usual. Did you know that I started blogging here? I've also been working at Coffee & Tea Collective twice a week, which has been amazing.

We're shooting a wedding on Saturday and our friend was kind enough to lend us his fancy equipment for the weekend. I snapped a few photos around the loft to get acquainted with his stuff. As a result, I want to keep the lens I used for these photos. 

Here's a mini list of things I'm currently loving:

Tomorrow, Philip and I will be visiting Wes Bruce's newest project called Structures Poetry Humans. I have been waiting for this show and cannot wait to see the structure that's been built. When I read the little note on the flier that says to wear hiking shoes and bring a flashlight, I got even more giddy about going.

Camp + Quarry is doing a giveaway on Tumbleweed's blog. I need to own this necklace.

I absolutely love Kelli's look in this post. It's perfect.

I recently made these pecan pie bars and they were delicious. I really liked that they don't have a crust that tastes like shortbread.

I'm off to finish some work before Philip gets home. Watch out for a soup recipe that I'll be posting on the TB blog.


  1. Fancy equipment indeed, those are some lovely photos.

  2. Love the color scheme..beautiful photos. xx