Tuesday, October 11, 2011

life lately.

Most of our days involve some of the following: cutting wire, staining handles, cutting out the insides of books, soldering, buying drill presses, doing photo shoots, building websites, and wishing we were sleeping more. It's been busy, but the end results have been worth it.

All of Philip's lamps are turning out beautifully. In a few weeks, he will be selling them through fab. It's so exciting, but lots of work. Guess what? When it's over, we're taking a few days off to relax. We haven't decided what exactly, but have discussed a few things: staying in a fancy hotel, riding bikes on Coronado, getting massages, eating out every night, seeing a few movies, or maybe a little shopping...and we can't forget: sleeping in.


  1. These lamps are so cool! Contacting you as soon as I get a place to put one. Thanks for coming out last night. Wish we had more time to talk. Good luck with relaxing! xx

  2. I admire the work ethic you two have. AND I love the lamps :)