Monday, October 17, 2011

pinterest picks // pretty closet inspiration

One of the things on our house project list is a more organized and pretty closet. As of now, it is crammed with too many clothes (there are more Goodwill trips in our future). We don't have enough space for a decent sized laundry hamper, shoes, or purses. Also, our poorly designed closet doesn't open all the way, so there's a middle section where dresses and coats get forgotten (so sad, I know). I've rounded up a few ideas for an organized closet (all from this pinboard):

source from left ro right, top to bottom:
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Our first plan is to build a garment rack for my dresses and coats. They take up lots of space in our little closet and I would definitely wear them more if I saw them. Also, who doesn't like seeing their dresses all displayed together?

If you are using an exposed rack of sorts as a closet, sometimes it can look a little bare or random on a big wall or in a big room. You can always hang clippings, framed pictures, numbers or words around or above it to section it off as it's own space.

source from left ro right, top to bottom:
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Huge mirrors propped against the wall: they always look awesome, right? The mirror makes your space feel larger (never bad for a closet) and (duh) you need a mirror when you're trying on clothes.

source from left ro right, top to bottom:
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A fun way to store your shoes is by not storing them (wha?). Shoes are pretty and make us feel pretty (well, mine do). It's for that reason that they should be displayed. Shelves, ladders, mounted crates, neatly on the floor, or on fancy armoires- get creative.


  1. lovelovelove, and i want that bench in the very last photo!!!!

  2. I especially love the shoes in the cases - one problem I have with most shoe organizers is that the shoes still get dusty!! Nothing like spending money on shoes for them to collect dust!