Thursday, December 1, 2011

loft inspiration // work space

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Philip and I are looking at lofts for when our lease is up. We're really excited and are probably jumping the gun a little because our lease isn't up until March. That's ok, because we have fun looking.

We decided to look for a place that will really inspire us to work. That means great natural lighting, open layout, easy to clean floors (no carpet!!), bright walls, and a little brick wouldn't hurt either. (This place would be perfect, but probably won't be available in March).

We are planning on putting our full time and energy into Typewriter Boneyard starting at the beginning of next year. That means we need a proper work set up that includes a shipping area, computer desk space, and a work space that can get dirty. We've been sketching and planning all of this out and these three photos have been a big source of inspiration. Our favorite is the 1st one. We really like the idea of one huge desk that can be worked at from different sides.

What's important for you to be productive? Do you work better in pretty messes or in a neatly organized space?


  1. It depends on the mess, haha. It's only when I get up from crafting or when someone walks in my room while I'm creating that I realize what an organized mess I've made, haha :)