Monday, January 9, 2012

hardback book lamp winner.

Congratulations to Alli and Eric! You are the winners of our giveaway (and I'm so excited about your new baby girl!) Thank you to everyone who entered and tweeted about this. I really enjoyed reading what everyone was looking forward to this year. (We're doing a few more book lamp giveaways soon so check back for info on that!)

I hope everyone is enjoying today. We are getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. We have over 15 pieces of furniture to get rid of and lots of other small things. If you're in Hillcrest this weekend, you should stop by. We'll also be giving out coffee ;)


  1. oh crap! i bookmarked this to enter it and totally forgot. i'm a sad, sad panda now :(

  2. I am sad I can't go to your garage sale!

  3. @ainsley: boo. no sad pandas
    @vy: i'm sure we'll have more once we move into our next place