Tuesday, January 17, 2012

loft inspiration // work space

We think we have found the perfect loft! We haven't actually been inside it yet (we have an appt. for Monday), but we're pretty positive that it's the one. So much so, that we almost put a deposit down without seeing it. (We decided that's definitely not a good idea. Ever.) 

With the excitement of a new place (especially since it's way bigger than our current house), we have been sketching out possible layouts. The one part that's a little unclear so far is our work space. We have 2 desks and a packaging/ storage unit yet to be built. Therefor, it's a little tough to figure out how this space will actually be laid out. One thing I'm loving is the idea of having a bar-like desk built against the wall. The loft that we're looking at has a few pillars in it, so it could very well be just like the one pictured. The extra side of the desk could be used as a cut table/ crafting area so that I won't get my computer area too cluttered or messy. Also, someone could sit on the opposite side and work there if needed (ahem, Azy). I also like that there are not table legs underneath. That means more space for storage/ leg room/ sleeping pups. The extra side of the desk also sections off this little corner, establishing it as a separate space without a wall or curtain...I think I'm sold.

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  1. i love that! super cute space. i'm in the middle of planning out my office in our recently vacated second bedroom & so excited!