Saturday, March 17, 2012

closet mixology // a rainy day

Outfit details: 
chambray button up: H&M
cardigan: H&M
scarf: Forever21
watch: thrifted
leggings: Forever21
scrunch socks: Target
shoes: Forever21
(umbrella: Target)

Today is a rainy day here in San Diego. Rainy, but not freezing. I got away with wearing a light cardigan and a big scarf in place of any sort of heavy duty jacket. I've been wearing this scarf just about everyday because I love the chunky texture and the color. I've also been rocking the top knot everyday. It's just so easy and it's helping me cut back on my prep time in the morning (most mornings I haven't even dried my hair). When you look at where all of these pieces came from, you'll notice that I'm basically a walking billboard for the mall/ big chain clothing companies. But hey, that's what I can afford and what makes up a lot pf my closet, so here it is.

Philip needed a day of relaxing, so that's exactly what we've been doing. We had coffee and visited at Influx, bought new windshield wipers, and took Patrick out for a walk. That's it. We don't give ourselves many days like this, so we're being very intentional about doing practically nothing (and not feeling bad about it).

I added a about 5 new book lamps to the website this week (I'm currently working on putting them in our Etsy shop as well.) We want to keep adding more so that we can offer a larger variety. If you're looking for something specific, keep in mind that we always do custom requests (and a lot of them).


  1. Cute little outfit! And I LOVE that book lamp. SO cool.

  2. I've been doing the top knot allot lately, but its because Im a mom to a very feisty and active toddler and I don't have time for a haircut or sometimes a shower :-)

  3. Cutest rainy day outfit! Love it. :)

    New follower here via Follow Friday.