Monday, March 12, 2012

Vol. 1

Last week was sunny and mellow. This a little bit of what happened.

1. I took too many walks to count. Patrick loved it.
2. We received our March/April copy of Mountain Living, where one of our book lamps was featured.
3. We ate at the Lincoln Room twice. They have filling and yummy $5 dinners during their Happy Hour.
4. Both of those dinners were followed by a trip to Cremolose where I discovered their cappuccino flavored mousse.
5. I did a tiny bit of decorating.
6. I did a lot of business planning, brainstorming, and sketching.
7. I got to see William Fitzsimmons at Anthology thanks to Jessica.
8. I got reacquainted with my camera and the blog.
9. We went to Noble Experiment where I had the best mojito. They aren't joking about their well balanced drinks. Absolutely fantastic.
10. Once we realized that Noble Experiment didn't serve food, we reserved a table in The Neighborhood for dinner.

1 comment:

  1. oh, the Noble Experiment place is so rad! I was there for the first time recently, and you're right, their drinks are incredible. serious mixology going on there :]