Friday, March 23, 2012

on the menu // brunch

Technically, this was my breakfast. However, since I slept in and didn't eat until around 11:30, why don't we just call it brunch?

I'm not the best at making sure that I drink a lot of (if any!) water during the day. Since I started keeping this bottle full (with water and herbs) and with me at all times during the day, I can't stop drinking water! Not only is it making me drink water, it's helping me keep track of how much I've been consuming. It's really amazing how small things like having it in a cute bottle make me remember to do things I don't enjoy. That's how I get myself to take my vitamins as well. I always put my them in a mini ceramic pie dish that I think is adorable. I'm not sure why these things work for me, but they do. 

This was a pretty typical breakfast for me. I normally have an egg, toast, coffee, and some sort of fruit. What does breakfast look like for you?


  1. Hi! Just stopping over from See the Skyline! I love your blog! :) I would love to do an ad swap with you if you were interested! Stop over if you would like :)

  2. That sage water looks good! Have you tried mint leaves? I was thinking of picking some up while I was at the grocery store today because they smelled divine and I was craving some sweet tea to go with it :-)