Friday, April 27, 2012

creative connection sd / april

Here's a little look at last night's Creative Connection San Diego meetup.

There were so many talented features. Ana of We Love Citrus had the cutest raffle prizes (and business cards)! I really wanted to win the raffle, but I'll just have to visit her cute shop instead ;) Vanessa of Hello Vanny made our name tags and sign up sheet. They looked so great! Marie of 12 Signs Wine was also there with her selection of wines for us to taste. I told her that I'm more of a beer girl, I don't enjoy sweet wines, and that I haven't found many white wines that I like. Since she's the expert, I let her pick something for me. She made me try a chardonnay and I loved it!  I forgot to buy a bottle, but I'm going to make sure and order one soon. Bethann was our photographer this month. (I've blogged about her before.) Her work is always great and I can't wait to see the photos!

This month we had the meetup at Isari's studio in Solana Beach. It is such a beautiful and inviting space. So many pretty glasses, plants, cards, furniture, props, ribbon, and anything else you would need for event design. I'm glad we had the chance to visit because it was on the very North end of Cedros. I'm always on the South end, so I didn't even know this was there. It's definitely worth knowing about ;)

From these photos, it looks like there was only about 10 of us, but there were many more attendees. It was so much fun! Jessica and Marissa always do a wonderful job at hosting such a great event. I remember my first time going to CCSD. I was so anxious the whole day and especially on my way to the event. When I got there, Jessica and Marissa were so welcoming and it was very refreshing to talk with so many female creatives. It has been so inspiring and encouraging to make these connections with other women making their way in a creative field. I really look forward to every meetup. It's funny because I've talked to so many introverted women who confess to getting that anxiety before going to an event like this. But we all keep coming back. It's such a wonderful group of women. I would really encourage you to come if you can.


  1. Last night was so much fun! Can't wait for Monday! And I'm currently working on my business cards, you know, so I have them ready in time for the next event ;)

  2. It was so much fun! Love your space here...glad I found it following CCSD :)

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