Tuesday, April 17, 2012

on the menu / lunch + dessert

I normally don't have dessert with lunch, but today was an exception. Last night I made mocha silk pie and OH. MY. GOODNESS. It is SO delicious!! I followed a recipe from The Pioneer Woman's website. I've had it on my Pinterest board forever, but never thought I could tackle it. Instead of telling myself that I'm not good at baking (like I have for so long) I decided to just practice a little more until I can do it. My family got me a stand up Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday, so now I have no excuse!

I don't have any pie tins in my house. Instead, I divided the mixture into some ceramic soufflĂ© dishes and tiny ceramic pie dishes that I have. This works out better, because the tiny ones are great servings for just me. I should share the ones in the bigger soufflĂ© dishes with someone else (but honestly, I could totally eat one by myself). If you like coffee flavored dessert, I would definitely give this recipe a try! It will save you the  cost of going out a few times each week when you get a craving for it...oh, is that just me that does that?

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