Friday, May 11, 2012

happy birthday tumbleweeds!

Did you hear? Tumbleweeds officially turned one today! How exciting! If you don't know about Tumbleweeds, you are missing out. Doug and Beca have worked just about everyday and night for the past year to make this dream happen. Like, literally, I think their bodies gave up on needing sleep. Their hard work and massive intake of caffeine has definitely paid off. Their business has taken off big time and they're still making everything by hand, all by themselves, one detail at a time. They are doing an incredible job and I am so happy for them. If you read Beca's blog or have the privilege of meeting them in person, you can tell that they truly love what they do. Like you just know how much heart goes into every pair of sunnies. 

Not only are they amazing artisans, but they are just about the nicest couple you'll ever meet. They are so genuine, giving, and compassionate. Not to mention amazing treasure hunters :) I am so so glad that I got to know  these two (and their sweet boys) while they were still in San Diego:

(Beca, Patrick fell in love with you the first day he met you and you fed him a popsicle)

I really miss these guys, but am so happy for them as they're in this current phase of life. I mean, who wouldn't want to be living in the middle of the forest, in the cutest house ever, working from home with your best friend, doing what you love?

In honor of their business's first birthday, they're doing a giveaway. Yep, you can win a pair of our own  handcrafted Tumbleweeds sunglasses! Beca's got all the details on her blog. Check these guys out and wish them a happy birthday! 

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