Monday, July 30, 2012

replay / vol. 5

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1. Cailen and my brother-in-law got married this weekend. It was an amazing wedding and she looked gorgeous!
2. I've been doing a lot of wedding prep for my cousin's wedding and that included planting 20 succulents.
3. I spruced up our new dining table with a little center piece arrangement.
4. I received these pretty postcards in the mail from Krista.
5. Made this garter for Cailen.
6. Patrick's bottom lip gets stuck like this sometimes and I love it.


  1. I love that center piece. I've been searching high and low for antlers lately. Also, getting postcards is one of the best things.

  2. Absolutely swunderful and smarvelous....

  3. I don't check your blog nearly enough. LOVE the way you capture life and create beauty! xoxo