Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Birthday Surprise

My birthday is this next weekend. Philip planned WAY ahead (like bought tickets in October) for us to fly to San Francisco for the weekend! I'm soooooo excited for a mini vacation! He even got the days off of work for me. He's sneaky like that :)

We're leaving this Friday and coming back on Tuesday. I can't wait and am already looking into shops and restaurants I want to visit. I grew up in California, so I've been to San Francisco quite a bit, but never longer than 2 days. Those visits have always been a little rushed for my liking, so this 5 day business is going to be fun!

Here are some places that we may or may not visit...

Miette looks delicious! We may have to stop there for a chocolate break.

Comstock Saloon looks like a place that Philip might enjoy visiting.

Bar Agricole. The interior of this place got me.

Krista recommended going to the Farmer's Market for picnic supplies. That sounds like the best idea!

Bistro 69 is one of those places that we always visit. Their patio is outside on a little walking street- so cute.

Those are just a few eating ideas. Then there's the shopping! I'll be spending a lot of birthday money at second hand stores..
What are your favorite places to visit in San Francisco?


  1. oooOOOH. he IS sneaky--such a good one :) Have fun, and take lots of pictures please!! Glove <3

  2. My good friend Chelsea used to go to school at SFSU and I visited her twice while she was up there. She took me to the most amazing shops because, lets face it, the locals often know the better stuff. I remember there were several shops and bakeries and book stores on West Portal that we visited, as well as Squat and Gobble on West Portal (famous for crepes but everything is amazing). She also took me to the Fillmore district which you would LOVE. Tons of awesome unique shopping, and as I recall we had lunch at at an amazing little Mediterranean spot.

    I am so excited for you Chels!

    Of course one of my favorite stores ever there is the big H&M, but that kinda defeats your quest for second hand. I bought so much clothes from there before we had them here in SD, so it was fun :)