Monday, February 21, 2011

San Francisco Adventures [part 1]

Our trip to San Francisco was so much fun! We've both been there before so we didn't go to all of the typical sight seeing spots. We enjoyed sleeping in, having cable for a few days, getting coffee, eating too much, pubs in the afternoon, public transportation (yep, enjoyed it), and taking tons of pictures. Basically, lots of adventuring.

breakfast: day 1

waiting for the cable car.

it's so much easier to be spontaneous when you hold the internet in your hands at all times.

the corner of the block where our hotel was.

h&m window display.

down by the wharf.

these girls were so cute trying to ride a tandem bike, but couldn't go more than a few feet before almost tipping.

looking for the sunglasses.

alcatraz from one of the many hills [we were always running UP these hills to go back to the hotel]

uncle PHilbert.

i took this while running across this street. [i was very proud of my accidental photography skills.]

just a couple of shadows hanging out at sunset.

ninja kick the tree!

this hill is way steeper than that sign will have you believe.

after watching 'exit through the gift shop' we notice these more than ever.


  1. Love these shots Chels! I am so glad you had an awesome time! SF is so charming, and SO different than much of SD. I want to go back too!

  2. I'm going to San Fran the end of the month. So I'm wondering where you ate that delightful looking breakfast?