Saturday, February 19, 2011

Johnny Miller.

I saw these lovely photos by Johnny Miller over at Oh My Deer Handmades. Aren't they beautiful?! I was instantly drawn to them because, for a while, Philip and I had been collecting colored glass bottles to display in a window sill. We had quite the collection going. We never displayed them like we originally intended- they're scattered on shelves all over the house. I think it's time for a little redecorating...again.


  1. These are lovely photographs and a great design concept - I love the idea of highlighting the colors of the glass by letting the sun shine through them. Thanks for sharing and I hope your redecorating efforts go swimmingly!

  2. thanks! we are ALWAYS redecorating (or so it feels). It's ok because we enjoy it- or we wouldn't be doing it so much. We're always inspired by something new that sparks some crazy idea for our house :)