Monday, February 14, 2011

Today's lunch redeemed our over-priced dinner we got suckered into last night in every way possible: lighting, the taste of our food, the amount of food, the price we paid, the friendly man who served us, sitting at the window down by the wharf, and even how spaced out our table was from other customers. We both cringe every time one of us brings up how much money we paid for four scallops last night. It was ridiculous! So ridiculous that we had to share (that's 2 scallops each)... Live and learn.

Today was the first cold and rainy day since we got here. Luckily we were dressed for it and obtained an umbrella quickly. We had lots of hot coffee, great food, walked around a lot, took pictures, saw a movie, and played cards. Now we're in our warm hotel room watching House and eating dinner in bed. I love vacations :)

I hope you enjoyed your valentine's day! I also had a great birthday yesterday. Thank you everyone for all of the sweet birthday wishes- hey made me feel so special :)

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