Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Morning

This little nook in my kitchen makes me so happy. I was so smitten when I found these ranunculus at Trader Joe's- especially since I had the curious thought of when they would be arriving just a few days earlier. The scent of these cute little jasmine fill the entire kitchen. It's one of my absolute favorite smells in the entire world.
I'm really enjoying this morning- it's that beautiful kind of morning. It's quiet on our street, the air is crisp, the sun is peeking onto my patio, I'm sipping coffee, and trying to soak in that yesterday was really my last day. After 5 years, it doesn't feel real at all. It feels like I just have a day off and that I'll have to go back tomorrow. I have that lingering feeling that someone could call me at anytime asking if I could take their shift. There's also that false feeling of reassurance that every other Friday, I get a paycheck. Despite these feelings I have that probably won't go away for a while, I have to follow my new work schedule I've made for myself. I know myself and that I get really distracted at home and the "I don't feel like it" thought. I think that will be my biggest struggle in the beginning of this change. I have to just work right through those thoughts and keep going.
I have this ongoing list in my head of things I'm excited for. Here it is-
Throwing out all of my dirty work clothes (never wearing a black polo shirt again). Having weekends off with Philip. Having a consistent schedule (never waking up between 3am-6am for work!). Not having to work when I'm sick or have the added stress of finding someone to take my shift. Being home so that Patrick doesn't have to be in his kennel all day. Not having to request time off if we decide to take a vacation or weekend away. Getting my nose pierced again. Being able to paint my nails. Not having to wear my hair up all the time. Making dinner every night.
Like I said, the list is on going so I know I'll realize more things as time goes on. There are a lot of new and fun things that I'm planing for the blog and the shop. One of those things is more giveaways! :) You can enter to win one of my new necklaces here. You can also check back later today for another giveaway that I'll be posting.


  1. The only thing worse than "work" clothes (I was at a greasy fifties diner... NOT a good smell) was never painting my nails! Now I almost always have mine done. Yay for nails!!!!!

  2. So happy for you!!
    I want all of those things!
    Can't wait to see all the amazing things you're going to be producing with all of your time!