Sunday, March 20, 2011


Philip's dad has a trailer at a campground out in Julian. It's far enough for a get away, but close enough for a weekend trip. It was our first time visiting, so we had no idea what to expect and were really excited. The campground was cute with little vintage trailers at every campsite.

The neighbors have an airstream :)

The fire was perfect because it was really really cold this weekend. It was in the 40's and VERY windy. A little glass of wine and a bonfire made it all better :)

It was a 10 minute drive to the lake where Philip went fishing [one of his favorite things in the world]. I wanted to craft while he fished but the wind was too cold, my fingers couldn't sew. I sat in the car with Patrick while Philip built us a fort. It was the perfect wind blocker! [He's a keeper]

Patrick absolutely hated the cold! I guess I would too if I were his size and practically naked. He had this sad look on his face the whole weekend unless he was in bed with us. He whined and cried and shivered like a nervous chihuahua. I felt so bad. When we were sitting, we always had him wrapped up in blankets or jackets.
We met someone who has a boston and he said she wouldn't even walk with them because she was so cold. They got her a coat and a shirt and she was happy. We don't have any puppy clothes, except for this adorable shirt that this aunty Diane got for him [Thanks, Diane!] It says "Caution: Can't handle my licker" HA! We love it and so did everyone who met Patrick this weekend :)

I could watch Philip fishing from the fort. It was a fun weekend and I'm excited to go back [when it's warmer] ;)


  1. you two are adorable! wait, you three! our Bostons and the bulldog hate hate hate the cold. I have to wrap them up in blankets, or let them burrow in the bed whenever it's cold.
    Looks like a lot of fun! We've never been camping, but I'd like to go when it gets warmer.

  2. yes, when it's warm! the cold is not so fun.

  3. i love these pics! and i love your wind-blocking fort.

  4. Looks like a nice weekend! Cute pup to :)

  5. So stinkin adorable! Say, I need one of those chairs for two!