Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello, friends! Happy Monday to you all. I am obsessed with braids lately, but can't seem to braid my own hair very well. I'll need some practice. I know some lovely ladies who make peoples' hair pretty for a profession. I think we should invite them here for some tutorials. :)

Let me tell you, I had a fantastic weekend: lots of great friends, a great women's conference, good eating, shopping, and lots of laughing. I will share about it later. I have to get ready for my last day at Starbucks! YAY!
Thank you everyone for all of the kind and encouraging words about my new adventure. I am more than thrilled and it's amazing to have so many people all around me to get me even more excited.
On a slightly bummer note, our downstairs closet flooded this morning. Boo. We're dealing with that, so I just wanted to stop by for a quick hello. Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back tomorrow.

[all of these pictures are from my pinterest.]

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  1. Love the braids! I wish my hair would just grow a little faster so I could do it myself. Rogaine for women please?!?!