Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bloggers Day of Silence.

I can't even come close to imagining what these people and families are going through. I can't imagine being without electricity in such cold weather and not having a home to go to. I can't imagine being separated from my husband when something this devastating happened and wondering if he's a live or not. Anything that I complain about doesn't even compare to loosing my home or family.

I decided to join in with a community of bloggers. Tomorrow I'll be participating in a blogger's day of silence for Japan. You may have heard about this on other blogs. The reason for tomorrow is to show support for those in Japan who are suffering through the devastating aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Tomorrow is for letting people know of one way that they can help [donating here]. You can check out all of the details on Utterly Engaged or Ever-Ours.

YOU can participate.
YOU can donate.
YOU can let others know about how they can help.
YOU can pray for those effected by these tragedies who are still living in fear of the unknown and the devastation of loss.

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