Saturday, May 14, 2011

pro procrastinator? yep, that's me.

I'm getting ready for my sister-in-law's baby shower. It's tomorrow morning and I'm still prepping. I'm a professional procrastinator. I thought I'd take a little blogging break. I have a few lines written on the new banner. I wanted to share where they came from.

Before I opened my shop I wrote a little story. My brother [who is quite the musician & writer] wrote a happy melody, switched some words around and turned it into a lovely song. The lines in the banner are some of the song lyrics. If we ever record it, I promise to share it here. [We're hoping to do that soon]

Sometimes we sing together. At random events, church, the living room, and even at Starbucks [once]. We always have so much fun. He writes the cutest songs about his wife and we do some of our favorite covers too. I'd like to sing and write more. That was one of my goals for this year. The only problem is that I'm pretty shy about singing. I want to get over that, but it's pretty hard to not be shy about something. I'm very comfortable singing with my brother, but that's about it. Philip hadn't really heard me sing until Jake and I performed at some event [and I think we had been dating a couple years at that point]. I'm finding that the more Jake and I sing together, the less intimidated I feel.

Here is the story I wrote.

welcome. new to these parts? well, let me tell you the story of the dainty woods. this is where music wrote her lyrics. she said it was easy- the trees were humming her a melody. that is the place where dreams were born- you can thank slumber and his colorful imagination. this is the spot where you fell in love and rested in her arms. here, she painted you a memory that you can have forever. and it was this place that you took your pretty ponderings and turned them into something lovely. now we can share them with the world. so stay awhile. you're always welcome. we're here if you gather any questions while exploring the dainty woods.

Well, I should get back to prepping. Hope you are sleeping right now. That's what I wish I was doing. ♥

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