Tuesday, September 13, 2011

farmer's market photo shoot.

A few months ago, Philip and I got to play bride and groom for a photo shoot and yesterday it was featured on the Wedding Chicks blog! It was a farmer's market inspired shoot at The Barn at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. It was extra fun for us because we were originally going to get married there. We ended up having to change our venue (The Barn wasn't ready for events at that time). It's ok, we got pictures there anyway. Ha!

Leif Brandt took these beautiful photos. Being in front of a camera is super awkward for me, but it helps when your photographer is really fun and easy to work with. He was great at giving direction and making us feel comfortable all at the same time.

Katelyn Groth was our stylist. She picked out the prettiest outfits for me to wear. See the outfit with the pretty lace skirt and green top? Yeah, I still want to wear this everyday.

Nellie Chan was the event coordinator of the shoot and she did all of the floral design. It was my first photo shoot with her, though we've worked a lot of real weddings with her. It's amazing to watch her work- she is beyond amazing at her job. Not to mention, she has flawless taste. I love being apart of anything that she does!

Not so sound like a diva, but I don't like anyone doing my makeup except for Channing. Yeah, it's true. Lucky for me, she was our makeup artist for the day!

Cami is my hairstylist that I go to on a regular basis and she did my hair that day. (She even weaved thin pieces of leather into my hair.)

There's more! You can see the entire gallery here.

Here's a few pictures that Philip took behind the scenes:

This is my friend Azy just doing a little calligraphy. No big deal. Haha. (She has a bunch of sweet hidden talents.)


  1. You two are so cute. Fun was had by all! And you're welcome to borrow that skirt any time. :)

  2. i love love love that first photo of you in the yellow cardigan... you two are both so pretty and look so in love... and i love that cardigan! i want it.

  3. Thanks guys! It was lots of fun!

    @ainsley- i wanted to keep the cardigan, but it was Channing's (the makeup artist). We needed a 2nd one and liked hers, so we stole it for the afternoon :)