Thursday, September 22, 2011

just let it go.

I've really been enjoying this "week off from worrying" (as I've been calling it). Normally when I'm not swamped with the pressure of making things, I'm stressed out about the house, laundry, blogging, our calendar, etc. I have not let myself worry about any of those things this week and it's been fantastic. The best part is that I find it really rewarding when I do one load of dishes, even if it's not the whole kitchen. My mind isn't exhausted from constantly thinking of my giant to do list that never seems to be empty. I'm just content with the day to day. Wait, did I just say content? Yeah, I did! So what was the magic formula that got me here? Simple: I just let things go. It's funny how hard that sounded last week and how doing it was actually easy. I wasn't meant to carry around all of these burdens and worries all the time, so I won't. I can't control them or change them, so I won't even try. God's given me an abundant amount of blessings in my life that I truly don't deserve. When I focus on all of that rather than what I think I don't have, it all gets put into perspective. Talk about humility.

So there's my rambling thoughts for you. I think it all makes sense. On a side note: I have been in love with this quinoa salad ever since I tried it while on a date with my friend Emily. I made it for dinner last night and tonight. We both loved it, so nothing wrong with that, right? :) Here it is, would you like to know what's in it?

quinoa, basil, chives, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, pecans, and feta, topped with a caesar romano dressing (from Trader Joe's of course)

It's amazing! We have definitely eaten it as a meal, but it's also a great thing to keep in the fridge as a ready-to-eat and healthy snack (lots of protein!) That's usually the key for me to make sure that I eat enough food during the day: have it ready to eat. Sometimes I will put off eating for a while and then all of a sudden, I'm starving. That's never a good situation for me or my husband ( I get beyond grumpy). I try to keep this in mind when I'm shopping for snacks during my grocery trips. What are your favorite snacks that get you through the day? I have a staple snack list that I'll share soon (i think mine's kind of funny).


  1. yum yum yum! combining two of my favorite things... caprese and quinoa!

  2. I want more of that! It was so good, I'm glad you recreated it <3