Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend recap // street fairs and organizing

Yesterday was the Adam's Avenue Street Fair. Tumbleweed's Odd Shop is on Adam's, so we stopped by for a quick visit and to stroll the fair. I could stay in there forever looking through all of the goodies that Beca, Doug, and Shawn have collected. Also, I got to see these one-of-a kind pair of sunglasses that Doug recently crafted. They are amazing up close!

After the fair, we went home to clean and organize. We got rid of a ton of stuff that we don't need (doesn't that always feel refreshing?!). We aren't even close to being finished, but it was a great start. We need to clear extra space in our house, because we are starting a huge project that is taking over the entire downstairs. Philip is going to be selling some of his work through at the end of next month. That means that the two of us are making book lamps and pendant lamps almost everyday until that weekend. This was part of the reason that I closed my shop this week. In fact, I'm going to keep it closed for a little while longer while until we get things in order. It's just insane around here and I don't have enough time to give full attention to the shop.

This morning we enjoyed the cold weather while sipping coffee at Influx. We stopped by for some coffee and to talk out our game plan for the next couple of months. It was a refreshing way to start the morning. Now back to organizing! How did you enjoy your weekend?

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  1. i shut down for awhile. it felt greattktt. hope you get everything done you need to!