Tuesday, September 13, 2011

shop update: chalkboards and lamps.

Philip and I both have some new listings in the shops. We have been working like crazy fulfilling orders and when we do get the chance, we try to update the shops. I had a custom order for these chalkboards + the woodland chalkboard. It was really fun making something new- especially because it was something that we made together. (Philip cut and sanded the wood for me.)

Philip has had a lot of e-mails asking when he's going to have more book lamps in the shop. He's been so busy fulfilling pendant lamp orders, that there hasn't been time to make any. Well, there was time to make one and it's in the shop now.

I have the day off from the cafe so I'm sending out some orders and working on new ones. Yay! AND it's my brother's birthday today, so maybe I'll even get to see my family for dinner tonight. What are your plans today?


  1. You guys are so stinkin' talented! LOVE it all!

  2. First of all, your blog has been my early morning inspiration. :) I can't get enough! Second, I totally love the book lamps and totally want a pendant. When does he start selling them on fab.com??

    You two are quite the talented duo! xo